The Importance of SEO

 Why Small Businesses Should Care About SEOThe Small Business Authority recently conducted a survey in which they found less than 50% of small business owners [in the U.S.] believe that their web traffic from organic search is “important”. Even though studies show SEO provides a significant ROI, only 17% of small business owners surveyed are currently investing in SEO for their businesses. This means by actively investing part of your marketing budget into SEO, you can have a huge leg up on 83% of your competition, while simultaneously increasing your bottom line.

The reason why search engine traffic is so important to business is that it is often highly “transactional”, particularly if set-up correctly. Transactional in this regard means that the searcher is interested in making a transaction, not simply searching for information.

Organic search engine traffic is also unsolicited in the sense that you do not advertise, and attempt to sell to prospects- they find you! Unsolicited traffic tends to convert to sales at a high rate because individuals have a natural suspicion of being the subject of sales practices.

Search Engine Algorithms

They have become significantly more sophisticated in recent years. One primary criterion for ranking well is related to User Experience. User Experience is everything related to how well your website performs, and how useful the information on your site is, in related to the searchers query.

Modern SEO therefore is, in part, User Experience improvement. These improvements to your website have value apart from how well you rank in search, and can increase conversions of current traffic.

Regardless if your small business is location based, or is focused on online, nationwide sales, do not neglect to budget for search engine optimization. It may be the segment of your marketing with the highest ROI.

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