Why Social Media Content Matters; And Common Mistakes to Avoid

Content is the heartbeat of social media marketing. If you want to succeed in today’s digital world, you better have a social media strategy complete with powerful content.

27 million pieces of content are shared every single day. From a funny video a friend tags you in on Facebook, to an article you email to a family member, content is being spread (shared) like a wildfire on social media. Having strong content means tapping into part of the 329 million people each month that read blogs. Content isn’t just limited to blog posts, it is essentially every bit of material that is shared on social media. Not only does content gratify followers, it helps portray a brands message and can increase your bottom line. See charts from Entrepreneur below.


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What are the rules of social media content? Follow our simple guidelines below:



Bad grammar – This should be a given, but if u talk like u r in 3rd grade, don’t expect fans and potential costumers to take you seriously. Certainly don’t expect content to be shared or go viral.

Over promotion & sales – Nobody likes that one person who ONLY talks about his or herself. The same rule applies for businesses on social media. Fans do not want their newsfeed’s to be taken over with constant “SALE, SALE, SALE..BUY, BUY, BUY!” posts.

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Statuses with only text – In a recent study, Socialbakers found that text-only status’s resulted in an average organic reach of 5.3%. Compare this to video posts, which scored the highest, reaching 8.7% organic reach. It’s important to keep this in mind as Facebook has it’s own algorithm, which shows it favors video, photo and link shares over text-only status’s.

Click-Bait (content that doesn’t deliver) – Have you ever clicked on an article with a catching title and image, only to find out the content inside is a bunch of fluff? Click bait articles exist for one reason, to garner clicks, which are filled with ads for revenue. Any reputable business will not succumb to doing this. Nobody likes spam or ads.

Irrelevant content – There’s a reason why people follow a certain brand or business on social media. Whether it’s because they find them funny, are loyal to the brand, or just want to stay up to date, they followed for a specific reason. When irrelevant content is being posted, fans can become confused, annoyed and unfollow you.

Trying to be ‘hip’ – Please don’t try to pepper in phrases like “on-fleek” and “turn up” in your social media content, especially if your business’s target audience isn’t 13-18 years old.



Post engaging content – What is engaging content? This is a major buzzword in the social community. Engaging content can be defined as content that is attractive and appealing, helpful and knowledgable, and something that evokes your audience to like, comment, and/or share. When fans engage with your content, you reach a much larger audience.

Image and video friendly – They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures on social media are no different. People are naturally drawn to the more appealing image or video.

Relevant content – If you follow a Facebook page called “Fitness Tips”, you probably expect to see the majority of their posts to be about fitness tips or fitness related. Posting relevant content is a huge factor in fan retention.

Exciting content – Social media pages are a business’s voice to the world. Have a personality and get your followers excited and engaging with your content.

Contests – One way to promote engagement on content is to hold a Facebook contest. Contests not only guarantee engagement, they also increases brand exposure, increases likes and grows your email database.


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Social media content is ever-changing, it’s important to know what, when, where and why to post. Stay up to date on the latest social trends by following Saibot Media on all of our social networks.

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