Keeping up With Ever-Changing Social Network Features

facebook_featuresIt seems like a nearly impossible task for the average user. While there have been many recent changes on all social media platforms, in this blog post we will be discussing the newest changes and features to Facebook.

Over the last couple of months Facebook has rolled out many new and significant features, which are geared towards benefiting Facebook business pages on their social network. However, these changes aren’t just useful to pages; many of the new features are mutually beneficial to both the user and page. We have highlighted the most notable changes below.



New Facebook Features

  • Messages from commentsYou are now able to message users from a business page who comment on your posts. Previously, only the user could initiate the conversation to the business page. This opens many doors for business’s to engage with fans by responding privately to users.
  • See Page Post’s FirstThis new feature can be very beneficial to both the user and the page. By clicking “see page post first” the user opt’s-in to seeing content from a page first in their newsfeed. Because this changes a users newsfeed algorithm, it is important to entice your fans to do so for optimum post reach.
  • Saved Replied and ResponsesWhile this isn’t a ground breaking new feature, this one can save you a lot of time if you deal with a lot of fan engagement. This feature will allow you to create template or generic replies for frequently asked questions. Note: this feature is still rolling out.
  • Facebook Beacon for Local BusinessWhen you are in or near a location that has activated Facebook Beacon for their business, users will see a pop up about that business at the top of their newsfeed. When you click, users will be shown photo’s, friend’s visits to said business and check in options.




It’s important to keep up with up with the latest changes and updates on social media as these features can ultimately help you save time, increase your post reach and connect with your fans.

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